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DOPP tanks for liquids,
solid and gaseous

DOPP tanks are state-of-the-art products developed by the German company Lipp, which for more than 55 years has become a worldwide reference in the delivery of products with recognized quality and extreme efficiency. The Lipp Double Folding System, offered in Brazil exclusively by DOPP, is synonymous with reliability and quality, and is considered the ideal solution for the areas of sanitation, industry, agricultural and urban development. For the manufacture of metal tanks and reservoirs, DOPP uses a range of noble materials. Carbon Steel, Galvanized Steel and the double layer material known as Verinox for high alloy stainless steels, selected based on the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of the substances to be treated or stored. All materials selected in the construction of DOPP products are distinguished by high quality, low maintenance and great longevity. Thanks to the unique Lipp Double Folding system, the reservoirs have a high resistance to horizontal pressure, guaranteeing excellent sealing, stability and maximum safety.”

  • Flexible Construction Technology: variable diameter and heights;
  • Assembly directly on site: 100% automated system;
  • Short period for construction;
  • Safety: high resistance to horizontal pressure;
  • Low Maintenance: Double Folding System;
  • High Quality;
  • Long Operating Life;
  • Requires little space for assembly;
  • Capacity: up to 353.146 cubic feet – Larger volumes on request;
  • Diameter: up to 164 feet;
  • Attendance to the most rigid national and international standards (NBR’s / ABNT / AWWA);
  • It meets the standards and requirements of large sanitation companies such as SABESP, among others.