• Company Highlights

  • The biggest differenceDOPP offers in Brazil is the use of innovations and technologies that, in highly competitive terms and with an excellent cost-benefit ratio, provide its customers with the necessary safety, low maintenance and flexibility. Going far beyond simply providing a space for storage of liquids, solids and grains, DOPP brings modernity and real efficiency to the segments where it operates and stands out.

Roofing Solutions

The innovative stainless steel membrane developed by Lipp offers even greater watertightness and protection for the contents of reservoirs and silos. It is extremely useful, too, in situations where there are height restrictions and traditional roofs aren’t an option.

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The storage and proper treatment of liquids and substrates in the sanitation, industrial, agricultural and urban sectors requires the use of reservoirs with high technical requirements, especially when dealing with aggressive substances or materials.

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Grain storage systems are one of the vital elements of agribusiness, and in addition to being safe and durable, they must allow full integration with production processes.

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