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The System

Developed in Germany by the company Lipp Gmbh, with more than 50 years of constructive tradition and more than 3,000 executed projects , the System has been demonstrating efficiency worldwide. The operating principle of the system is to double fold the edges of the steel sheets by means of proprietary and exclusive machinery, by binding them in such a way that aggressive substances or contaminations existing inside or outside the tanks / silos do not come into contact with corrosion-resistant surfaces, also ensuring superior sealing. Thanks to the transportable mounting devices, tanks, reservoirs and silos can be built at the very construction site using steel sheets. The method is proven and highly automated, allowing the installation of elements quickly, flexibly and efficiently. Prefabricated modules can be added later. The Lipp Double Folding System ensures an unparalleled level of quality in all projects around the world.

Stainless Steel / Galvanized

The specification of the type of stainless steel to be used depends on the requirements of each specific application. DOPP reservoirs, tanks and silos feature a continuous coating of stainless steel on the inside and galvanized steel on the outside


Verinox is a double-layer material, the result of the union of a stainless steel sheet (internal part) with a galvanized steel sheet (external part), by means of a tape of joint. In this way, it is possible to reduce considerably the percentage of stainless steel used and, consequently, the costs.


The LIPP® System is based on a principle of simple but ingenious tank construction, which is the only one of its kind in the world. Machinery, equipment and assembly devices are shipped to the site where the tank will be locally made, resulting in a fast, efficient and flexible process. The first machine starts the automatic unwinding process of the steel rolls and sends it to the second machine where the double folding process is done in 5 steps. From there, the tank rises helically in a 100% automated process until it reaches its final height.