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DOPP, through its exclusive Double Folding technology, delivers silos for grain storage and solid substrates, within the strictest safety standards required by the NR12. Made of 100% galvanized steel, which guarantees a very long operational life, the internal walls are coated in Zinc 350, offering protection against the natural friction of grains or solid particles during loading and unloading processes. Providing a complete, fully customizable solution, DOPP vertical storage systems focused on agribusiness have the adequate aeration that allows the correct maintenance of temperature and humidity levels inside the silos, thus guaranteeing the integrity of the products stored there and perfect symbiosis with production processes.

  • Flexible Construction Technology;
  • Assembly directly on site – 100% automated system;
  • Short period for construction;
  • Low cost investment;
  • Adaptable to any type of substance thanks to the selection of
    specific materials;
  • Low Maintenance – Double Folding System;
  • High Quality;
  • Long Operating Life;
  • Requires little space for assembly;
  • Capacity: from 1412 to 353.146 cubic feet;
  • Diameter: up to 131 feet.